Misafirlerimiz günün neredeyse tamamını geniş ve güvenli bahçemizde, bakıcıları eşliğinde, birbirleri ile tasmasız bir şekilde oyun oynayarak geçirir.


Happy Dog Hotel, taking delicate care of a small number of dogs, and also providing them the comforts of home, and where the dogs spend almost whole day play unleashed and freely under supervision of caregivers almost all throughout the day, is a boutique hotel that provides caring, lodging and day care services.

Our goal is letting the dogs get socialized by making new friends and spend a good time playing games together with them. Due to energy level and height differences, the large and smaller races play with each other in separate gardens accompanied with their caregivers. At the same time, the Happy Dog Hotel is established in a nature as a club where you may spend a good time with your dog.

 In addition to our accommodation services, as a result of our daycare services, the dogs will release their energy by playing with their friends all through the day and return home happy and tired at the end of the day.

Remember, tired dog is happy dog :)

If you wish us the transfer your dog from your home please call us to take advantage of our dog-transfer services.

The rooms that are used only when eating food or resting are designed as indoors and not allowing the dogs seeing each other.

As the dogs are effected from the cold in winter and from the warmth in summer differently, the smaller and larger breeds are accommodated in separate rooms. The accommodation parts are comfy and well sized to let your dog comfortably lay, and even have several friends as guests inside.

We provide 24 hours of service at Happy Dog Hotel and the whole facility is video-recorded. During day time, we are adding our guests' pictures and videos on facebook at Mutlu Kopek Oteli page. Thus, you may follow how your dog is doing while you are on vacation.



Do not worry if you think that you don't spend sufficient time with your dog during the weekdays because you work. By participating to the activities that we generally organize on weekends with your dog, you may spend joyful time together.

We are helping to improve your dog's intelligence while having fun through the agility track that we have prepared specifically for sports dogs.

Training service;

Just as the behaviors that are rewarded have the tendency to be repeated, the unrewarded behaviors have the tendency to not being repeated. We are aiming you to establish a happier life with your dog through basic training, advanced training, correction of behavioral disorders, and Good Citizen Dog training that we give by using positive intensified training methods.

The most important aspect of education via positive training techniques is its not being based on penalizing but its being based on rewarding thus being pet-friendly. As long as it's healthy, it is possible to train dogs of any race and any age. Training begins from the moment the dog is 2 months old when using positive intensified training techniques. The earlier you start the training sooner and lasting results are obtained.